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Feature-rich image downloader for all web pages and social networks
Robert Pacl — 4 years ago
I have really tried for 2 weeks to understand the quirks in this app. There are some sites where it works very well. There are other sites, too many, where the operation is very flakey, or abortive. I have repeatedly been told that it downloaded xx files and go to the folder to find almost anything - thumbnails, banners, all kinds of garbage in addition to, usually but not always, .jpegs that I selected. I just finished a round where I got none that I selected even though the pix were listed as downloaded. I have Win 7, 64-bit, just reinstalled in an attempt to get some of my other flakey apps to settle down, but either BID is incompatible or it's a beta version. I'm thinking of making XP a 2nd OS so I can use Reget Pro which has been a trusted app for years, but not with MS new carp OS, like many other apps which I have depended on for a long time. Collomb updated "Unlocker" to help me defend against those Redmond morons.
Tom — 9 years ago
easy to use
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