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As easy as it is to right-click on an image on a web page to download it, going through that routine repeatedly may become unnerving. Bulk Image Downloader allows you to grab all images on a web page or site just as easily. Besides, its high level of flexibility will let you customize to the smallest detail not only the way those images will be downloaded, but also how many, how big, where, and when.

Bulk Image Downloader comes ready for use. Just open it, find the “URL of image/video gallery page” box, and paste or write there the link to the page or site in question. Immediately you will see the bottom half of the main window populating with thumbnail-sized images. It does not matter if it’s a standard web site, a Facebook account, or a Flickr gallery – that’s all it takes to put all the images on that site in queue for downloading. You can then select only those you’re interested in, add images from a different URL to the list, change the default destination folder, or just save them to your drive for good. It can be this simple and easy, or you can choose to make it more complicated.

The program comes with an extensive range of settings and configuration features that though can make the entire process a bit more complex can also fine-tune your downloading tasks to the highest degree of accuracy. Both the basic and the advanced configuration windows are worth visiting at least once before starting your downloads, even though the faint at heart may find the interfaces a bit cluttered and somehow confusing. Here you can configure your proxy settings, the number of retries, the option to resume broken downloads, the number of pages to download from the same gallery, the uniqueness of the folder names, how the program integrates with your browser, include and ignore lists, the size of the images to download, how to deal with multi-page galleries, and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless, and though it may take you a while, setting your own default preferences is something worth doing if only just once.

The program’s Queue Manager is where you customize the program’s batch download capabilities. You can add as many URLs as you wish (either here or in the program’s main window) and Bulk Image Downloader will grab them all for you in one single operation. The images from the different pages will be appended to the previous ones in the right processing order, and you can then decide which to download and which will be left behind. If a thumbnail view is not good enough for you, you can click on any image to enjoy it in its full glory. You can then create your own Web gallery using the downloaded images – the Export Gallery feature will create Web-compliant code with all the selected images for you to upload them to your own web site or social network account right away.

There is surely more than one free image downloader out there capable of extracting and downloading images from web pages in a more-than-decent way. None of them, however, will ever offer you the level of flexibility, customization, and accuracy provided by Bulk Image Downloader.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all web pages and social networks
  • Full-size preview
  • Unnatended batch download
  • Turns downloaded images into Web-compatible code
  • Integrates with well-known browsers


  • Cluttered GUI
  • Too much choice of basic and advanced configuration settings can be confusing at times
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